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Learning Japanese 101 : Cheat Sheet

For those who are trying to learn or are learning Japanese by their own, certain aspects of the respective language can make you go bananas. I'm talking about grammar here by the way.

If you're wondering which particle to use in a sentence, or how to place nouns/adjectives etc, and at the same time you have little or no time to ask a native Japanese (we assume the native Japanese is either your friend or your Nihongo Sensei), that's when Google comes handy. But even then tons of answers that Google provided you can be confusing at times.

So what shall a determined Japanese language learner do in such situation? Take a sneak peek at handy cheat sheet, of course.

Hold on, just because it's called cheat sheet doesn't mean it carries
negative innuendo. In fact, cheat sheet can actually help beginners and
intermediate learners to understand a handful of basic grammar concepts
without frowning or looking constipated.

The good guys in Tofugu (www.tofugu.com) provides handy cheat sheet for those who are eager to seek the easy to understood explanation / answers to questions that linger within the Japanese language. Based on my personal experience (I am a person-who-has-been-living-in-Japan-for-almost-6-years-and-fortunately-can-speak-Japanese-but-at-times-still-confused-with-grammar), which my latest quest was to determine the difference between particle はand が, I stumbled upon Tofugu's cheat sheet on particles used in Japanese and it really did help.

"Advanced learners may find the cheat sheets too simple," as quoted from Tofugu, however I believe it's worth the time to check it out :)

Here are a couple of links to the website :

May the force be with you, Japanese language learners!

almost 2 years

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do you also study Japanese by yourself? If so, why did you decide to learn it?^^
I am interested in Japanese Language Education so it would be helpful to know any difficult grammars or sayings you have encountered until now :D

almost 2 years




I did take Japanese language classes a couple of years ago but I found that classroom-conducted-Japanese is totally different with that of real life. I couldn't speak Japanese until I worked waiting tables in a restaurant where I inevitably needed to interact with customers in keigo lol
I think the most difficult part is listening, as people from different age and different regions in the country speak in different pace and dialects. I still find it a little bit difficult when somebody speaks Japanese in fast pace, but I'm doing my best to overcome this challenge :)
How about you? Any difficulties that you have encountered so far?

almost 2 years



thanks for sharing your info :)
umm actually my native language is japanese. but i remember i had to practice lots of kanji when i started learning japanese. hmmm listening rit. i guess there are different intonations and stuff ne. i kinda realized that

almost 2 years

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