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Home alarm systems Cinta

One advantage of buying a house with a mortgage is a home business can be a boarding house. Logically, the boarding house which will pay the monthly mortgage installments.

from "Success Buy Houses Without Capital" by Bob Sudino Tuesday
(04/09/2013), the requirement to make home mortgages for boarding house
business is specify the exact location.
For example, should be close to the crowd like offices, malls, campuses, pasr and close to public facilities.
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Kata Kata

However, keep in mind boarding house business is not an easy matter.
This business will not get the most out if it is only available bed and dressers. Pamper users dorm room with other facilities such as free internet network, cable tv to Ac for all rooms.
Margahayuland terdepan

Way to fill the boarding house with the facility is to utilize funds from the cash back home through mortgage purchases.
Or could jgga use a credit card to purchase the facility with 12 months installment. Obviously, boarding business who will finish kosanlah

Property investment today began to demand. In addition to great advantage in the future, there are many other benefits that can be obtained.

Simanungkalit in his book "Secrets of Becoming a Property Billionaire"
on Monday (08.04.2013) suggested, in order to make an investment
property that can be leased.
Buying a rental property is a business decision.

Firstly, to buy a property that can be rented out, make sure the prospective location. It primarily serves to close the loan repayments to the bank.

also said, if you currently have rental properties, you should be able
to estimate how much the value of the property if leased.
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Kata Kata

The type of investment property that can be leased is home, home shop (commercial) condominium, as well as offices.
But remember, the property investment do not forget spread the wings in particular locations.
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For example, if you live in Jakarta, you can still buy property in another area.
Such as Bandung, Bali, Surabaya and other areas

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