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Is Japanese tap water safe for drinking? I hear...

Is Japanese tap water safe for drinking? I heard it's not good to drink too much of it because of chemicals and stuff, but I'm also too lazy buy bottled water all the time.

almost 2 years

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In general, Japanese drinking water standards are appropriate and protective of public health, so you don't have to worry about chemicals in the drinking water. Depending on the region though, there are differences in taste, which are the result of the amount of chloride and other substances inside the water. After the earthquake in 2011 many people were concerned about water contamination due to radiation, but as for today the Japanese tap water poses no immediate health risk. In fact, in the very unlikely scenario that drinking-water was contaminated and consumed for an entire year at this level, the additional radiation exposure from this water would be equivalent to natural background radiation during one year. Personally, I prefer bottled water, but just because I don't like the taste of the tap water in Tokyo.

almost 2 years



I drink it normally. By the way, regarding Tokyo' tap-water "according to the waterworks bureau, as the best safe-and- delicious water project, they're focusing on an advanced disposal of clean water of the 100% of the tap-water in pet bottles. There're events like "Tokyo Water", in which this bottles are distributed free of charge. Also, the metropolis connection institutions are enforcing the sales and the mail orders".
This is more or less the situation, so you can drink it (^ ^)

almost 2 years



I also drink normally. There is a bad impression of the Tokyo water, but the water It is very delicious place where I live because they still use the groundwater (^ - ^)

almost 2 years

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